Liberté and Responsabilité #JeSuisCharlie

by Kazeem Olalekan How many angels dancing on the head of a pin? The debate about balancing liberty with responsibility is an important one but of little value because the balance is more or less different for each person akin to the forlorn task of determining how many angels are dancing on the pin head.  As […]

Channels of Distribution #HopeYet

by Kazeem Olalekan This month, I wish to use this blog to inform you that the channel of distribution for ‘The Doctrine of Universal Truths’ has increased considerably. Furthermore, I am also happy to enter into private discussion with charitable bodies who wish distribute the book via their channels and thus make a small amount […]

No Babylon #UnityOfPurpose #iDoGOD

by Kazeem Olalekan Are we going to create a new church? – Wale Olorunshola The question above was not what I expected. It threw me off balance. All I could say in response was: ‘Is there not enough churches out there?‘ The above is the excerpt of my conversation with Wale, who I mentioned in […]

Thank you: The magic word #gratitude

by Kazeem Olalekan B’ọmọ bá dúpẹ́ óore àná, a tún rí òmíràn gbà – Yoruba Proverb The above is a Yoruba proverb that roughly translates: If a child expresses gratitude for previous gift, he would receive another one. My son will soon be three years old and I see myself teaching him to say his […]

Lest We Forget: The Albatross #bigbird

by Kazeem Olalekan The only albatross is the hurt you divine from what people say about your art. – Stephen Stills In my November post last year, I made a comparison between the Law of Animalism and the Doctrine of Universal Truths. In that post, I listed the Animals in my book in the order of […]

Seeing is believing: An Oxymoron? #NewYearResolution

by Kazeem Olalekan “Settle down Beavis. This is only gonna hurt for like a minute or something.” – Butthead When someone says seeing is believing, you may think ‘That is odd, once you have seen, then you know…in which case, there is no need to believe’ If you think that, then you might consider the […]

The art of wonder #christmas

by Kazeem Olalekan “The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” ― Anaïs Nin At a time when Richard Dawkins is developing an appetite for wonder, I thought I might address the art of wonder in this post. I posted a riposte to Richard Dawkin’s […]

Nil volentibus arduum #GeorgeOrwell #AnimalFarm

by Kazeem Olalekan   Animals are my friends….and I don’t eat my friends – George Bernard Shaw   In George Orwell’s allegorical and dystopian novel: Animal Farm, the rebellious animals of Manor Farm (later Animal Farm, then Manor Farm again!), adopted seven commandments which were later updated as circumstances changed.  The table below were the commandments […]

The green, green grass of home #Wales

by Kazeem Olalekan   Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. – Albert Einstein   Howe is it that Wales, and its characteristic Welsh spirit, has come to dominate my ‘doctrine of Universal Truths’ journey? For its entire history, Wales has struggled against waves of invaders who have sought to […]

The Language of Constant #mathematics

by Kazeem Olalekan The ‘doctrine of universal truths’ eluded to the presence of a Constant in life. That Constant is God. This God resides in the ‘absolute’ centre not in a political centre. So politicians might claim to occupy the centre ground or might even claim to be able to shift the centre ground (to […]