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The revelation of the Doctrine was profound #evidence1

This blog will attempt over time, to provide evidence to corroborate the story described in the book. Consider the following excerpt from the book:

On July 28, 2008, less than a week after the night that changed my life, I received what I can only call another revelation. I was to recruit eight people to follow me in my messianic quest…

– The Doctrine of Universal Truths by Kazeem Olalekan p.38

A theme emerged clearly to Kazeem in these transformational times and that theme was: Universal Truths. He went on to register this webblog domain name soon after these revelations. Whois.net record clearly states that the www.universal-truths.org domain was created on 2nd of August 2008 (see image). This is the first corroboratory evidence. Many more will follow.

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