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No Babylon #UnityOfPurpose #iDoGOD

by Kazeem Olalekan

Are we going to create a new church? – Wale Olorunshola

The question above was not what I expected. It threw me off balance. All I could say in response was: ‘Is there not enough churches out there?‘ The above is the excerpt of my conversation with Wale, who I mentioned in the ‘doctrine of universal truths’ soon after my seminal moment. Whilst I couldn’t express what was happening to me to many of my other friends for fear of being labelled mad and condemned to the asylum; I felt Wale would understand. This assumption was based on the nature of our previous relationship in Nigeria. Here was someone I was asking to join me in the UK and all he could ask was ‘Are we going to create a new church?‘ He was probably joking but the question struck a chord. In any case, he didn’t join me and we are still great friends. Read the book to find out more.

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